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Tax Evasion / Food Stamp Fraud

Posted on Tue, Mar. 15, 2011 Brothers accused of tax evasion; wives also face federal fraud charges BY BRIAN BRUEGGEMANN Belleville News-Democrat Two Maryville brothers and their wives are facing federal charges of tax evasion. The defendants are Robert Todd McKinney and his wife, Belinda McKinney, and John Quinn McKinney and his wife, Chamethele McKinney. […]

Collecting Debts Through Federal Payments

The Treasury Offset Program Newsletter If you’ve never heard it spoken, you probably have thought about it: “What’s the point of trying to collect fraud and program violation overpayments from people on public assistance?”  Simply answered, the point is what alternative exists; allow fraudsters and violators free reign to steal tax dollars? We all should […]

UCOWF Members Make a Difference

Update on UCOWF Proposal– Expanding Collections of State Debt through the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) As part of President Obama’s commitment to crack down on improper payments and enhance program integrity, a Partnership Fund for Program Integrity Innovation was created to help States and localities find ways to save taxpayer dollars and deliver benefits more […]

The Public Role of UCOWF

The United Council on Welfare Fraud is an organization whose primary goal is to strengthen the integrity of our public assistance programs.  We do that by providing our members with a variety of training and collaboration tools to improve their ability to identify, investigate, prosecute, and recoup fraud committed against the public assistance programs in […]

Professional Development

UCOWF prides itself on the advancement of its members and provides the following resources to assist them:   Annual Training Conferences Each year UCOWF sponsors an annual training conference for its members. These four day conferences are held throughout the United States in August, September or early October. The conferences provide training for investigators, prosecutors, […]