The United Council on Welfare Fraud is an organization whose primary goal is to strengthen the integrity of our public assistance programs.


UCOWF 2020 Conference Update

At the recent UCOWF Board of Directors mid-year board meeting, the Board discussed in great length the viability of continuing to plan the 2020 Conference in Wichita, KS, considering the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeping our great nation.
It was felt that the financial burden caused to the Federal and State government because of the declaration of a National Emergency, it would likely prevent members from attending the conference in September.
It is with heavy hearts that the Board has made the extremely difficult decision to cancel our 2020 Conference in Wichita, KS.
We know this news is disappointing to you, as it is to us, but the Board feels it is in the best interest of the organization and its members.


The United Council on Welfare Fraud (UCOWF) is an organization of investigators, administrators, prosecutors, eligibility workers, and claims and recovery specialists from local, state and federal agencies from the United States and Canada who have combined their efforts to fight fraud, waste, and abuse in social services programs. UCOWF operates under a strict set of by-laws and maintains a code of ethics for its business operations and of its membership. The focus of UCOWF is the detection, recovery and prosecution of those who fraudulently obtain government benefits.



The United Council on Welfare Fraud is an organization whose primary goal is to strengthen the integrity of our public assistance programs.

We do that by providing our members with a variety of training and collaboration tools to improve their ability to identify, investigate, prosecute, and recoup fraud committed against the public assistance programs in North America.

We also have a public role. Part of UCOWF’s goal in strengthening the integrity of these social programs is by providing a site where the public can learn about our members’ efforts to reduce fraud and about ways the public can assist in these efforts.

UCOWF is committed to strengthening integrity in various public assistance programs that are fundamental to our social safety net. These taxpayer-funded programs need everyone’s effort to preserve the precious dollars appropriated by the government to operate programs such as Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly known as Food Stamps), Subsidized Childcare, Low-income and Subsidized Housing, and Temporary Cash Assistance, to name a few. Our efforts go beyond the work our members do in their states and counties. As an organization, UCOWF contributes to strengthening public assistance program integrity by maintaining close ties with our federal program partners and providing them our advice or position on pertinent issues and proposed changes to the way these programs are operated.

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