About Us

The United Council on Welfare Fraud (UCOWF) is an organization of investigators, administrators, prosecutors, eligibility workers, and claims and recovery specialists from local, state and federal agencies from the United States and Canada who have combined their efforts to fight fraud, waste, and abuse in social services programs.  UCOWF operates under a strict set of by-laws and maintains a code of ethics for its business operations and of its membership.

The focus of UCOWF is the detection, recovery and prosecution of those who fraudulently obtain government benefits. We accomplish this by:

  • providing professional training and growth opportunities for members;
  • sponsoring our flagship Certified Welfare Fraud Investigator (CWFI) Program;
  • maintaining a national network to publish, share, and communicate resources aimed at diminishing the negative effect of welfare fraud;
  • developing initiatives and research efforts that enhance accountability in public assistance programs;
  • encouraging public confidence in the public welfare system through marketing and awareness;
  • maintaining the respect of the membership and the public through sound management, the delivery of quality services, and accountability.

UCOWF also serves as an umbrella organization to various state welfare fraud organizations through its Affiliate Membership program.  This program provides full UCOWF membership benefits to paid members of state and other governmental welfare fraud organizations.  A small portion of each member’s state organization dues are paid annually to UCOWF by the organization as an affiliation fee.

UCOWF also sponsors the National Association of State Welfare Fraud Directors (NASWFD).  The NASWF Directors meet twice each year to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern.  The State Welfare Fraud Directors provide recommended solutions to problems and identification of issues shared by all states. UCOWF, in turn, presents those recommendations and issues to federal program administrators and legislative members in an effort to strengthen public assistance program integrity and promote public confidence in our benefit programs.