Jack Heacock, Florida – 2017-2018 UCOWF President

45th Annual United Council on Welfare Fraud Training Conference
Orlando, Florida
August 2017

On behalf of the men and women that constitute the membership and leadership of the United Council on Welfare Fraud, I want to welcome you to our website. The membership of the United Council on Welfare Fraud, or UCOWF, is dedicated to strengthening taxpayer-funded public assistance programs against fraud and abuse. We are an amalgam of investigators, supervisors, program directors and recovery specialists from across the nation and Canada.

I have been a member of UCOWF since 1997. In over 20 years, I have witnessed a transformation in our organization as the older founding members retired and drifted away to their well-deserved pursuits and new, transformative leaders emerged. I have seen UCOWF evolve from a 1980’s business model of costly professionally-printed member publications that were mailed to members’ homes to a cost-efficient web-based organization with dynamic online content that puts valuable membership information and effective collaboration tools at members’ fingertips via computers, tablets, and smartphones.

While the faces have changed and the technology has evolved, one thing has remained constant: our members’ unwavering belief that what each of us do in our daily job matters. We protect hard-working families, taxpayers and the most vulnerable citizens among us. In its role as a non-profit organization that provides training, technical assistance and professional collaboration nationwide, UCOWF exists to support those who fight fraud and promote accountability in our nation’s entitlement programs.

I am proud to serve as President of an organization that lends the totality of its resources to the fight against welfare fraud. I invite you to take a look at our website and see some examples of the work that our members do and what UCOWF does to support them.

Jack Heacock, President
United Council on Welfare Fraud