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US House Passes 2018 Farm Bill

June 21, 2018

The House passed its farm bill Thursday by a vote of 213-211. Passage of the House farm bill — which would re-authorize the SNAP program — moves Congress one step closer to sending a bill to President Trump before the current legislation expires at the end of September. The Senate is planning to take up its own version, which has bipartisan support, as soon as next week. Passage is widely expected — but trouble could be in store when both bills get to conference to find partisan common ground.

House GOP leadership had to rely solely on Republican lawmakers to carry the measure — the first farm bill to pass either chamber with only one-party support — after Democrats revolted over its proposed changes to SNAP (food stamps). House Democrats opposed the bill in committee due to stricter work requirements on food stamp recipients. The House farm bill contains program integrity provisions, while the Senate bill essentially maintains a “status quo” in SNAP and is largely devoid of any measures to combat waste, fraud, or abuse.

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