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Understanding WHY Public Assistance Fraud Investigators Care

To paraphrase Simon Sinek, “It all starts with the WHY.” Program Integrity efforts relating to public assistance programs are often misconstrued as being “anti-client.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. So WHY do welfare investigators care so much about efforts to combat waste, fraud, and abuse?   1)     Stewardship of the Programs – Federal programs are intended to […]


Welfare Reform through Executive Order

The President issued an Executive Order that reforms some aspects of public assistance in the US.  This Executive Order provides a ‘blueprint’ of the President’s vision of reforming social programs.  In short, it focuses on reducing dependence through work, eliminating duplicative programs and initiatives, leveraging state and community-based solutions to reducing poverty, and giving greater authority for tailoring assistance programs to […]


USDA Adds Chief Integrity Officer to Food and Nutrition Services

by Katherine Rodriguez, 31 Mar 2018 – Breitbart News The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service announced Thursday that it is hiring a “chief integrity officer” to prevent fraud in the nation’s food stamp program. Brandon Lipps — the acting deputy undersecretary for USDA’s Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services — said that the […]


UCOWF Offers Ideas to Lawmakers

Ideas can make processes better and UCOWF is offering its perspective for making the SNAP program more fiscally-sound and effective.  With a roaring economy and extremely low unemployment, UCOWF believes it is time for lawmakers to look at ways to improve program integrity. In a letter to the US House of Representatives Committee on Government Oversight, UCOWF […]

SNAP Article Sisyphus

SNAP Integrity – A UCOWF-ean Task

  By Andrew McClenahan, Region 4 Director, Florida In Greek mythology, King Sisyphus was punished by the gods and forced to roll an enormous bolder uphill, only to watch it come back and hit him – and forced to repeat this for eternity. Hence the term, Sisyphean: something that demands unending, thankless and ultimately unsuccessful […]