UCOWF Initiatives to Strengthen Program Integrity

UCOWF is committed to strengthening integrity in various public assistance programs that are fundamental to our social safety net.  These taxpayer-funded programs need everyone’s effort to preserve the precious dollars appropriated by the government to operate programs such as Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly known as Food Stamps), Subsidized Childcare, Low-income and Subsidized Housing, and Temporary Cash Assistance, to name a few.

Our efforts go beyond the work our members do in their states and counties.  As an organization, UCOWF contributes to strengthening public assistance program integrity by maintaining close ties with our federal program partners and providing them our advice or position on pertinent issues and proposed changes to the way these programs are operated.

Through our Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, and in close alliance with the National Association of State Welfare Fraud Directors, UCOWF recommends program changes to improve integrity. This year, the UCOWF President will send a letter to Congress and our federal partners in response to signals from Washington that welfare reforms will soon be considered.  The UCOWF President will offer our perspective on program integrity and our assistance in helping to create an effective strategy that reforms welfare programs while strengthening their integrity.