Renewing Your Membership/CWFI

Out with the old and in with the new.  The procedure for renewing memberships and CWFI certifications has changed.  This is a much cleaner and easier way to renew.

Unlike the old system in our previous site, you will receive a notice approximately 30 days in advance that your membership or CWFI certification is expiring.  With that notice will be a link that you can click and it will take you to a page in which all your membership information is pre-populated.  Review your information to make sure that it is correct and then scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find radio buttons to click.  Those radio buttons are for regular membership and CWFI dues.  Click on one or more of the buttons to fill out the ‘shopping cart’ and then pay using whatever method (credit card, check, etc.) you choose to use.  Once credited, you will receive a receipt via email to the email address on record in your membership information.

That’s it.

What if I misplace or accidentally delete the renewal notification or I get it at work but want to pay at home?

Log in to the Member Dashboard.  On the right sidebar, you’ll find links to renew membership, renew CWFI certification, and a link for the Continuing Education Units (CEU) report needed to report training hours for your CWFI certification.  That link takes you to the same page that the link in the notice took you.

What about Affiliate Members?

Since an affiliate member’s dues are paid by their organization, an affiliated member needs to do nothing unless he or she is a CWFI.  If an affiliated member is CWFI, he or she will be notified by email when the CWFI term expire and should either click on the link in the email or click on the CWFI Renewal button on the Member Dashboard after logging in.

For all other types of renewals or payments, contact Paula Kingery.