Is Your Membership Near or Past Renewal?

Membership and CWFI renewals have been delayed as part of our website upgrade.  You may have realized that your membership and or CWFI renewal date has passed and you’ve received no notices about renewing.  That is about to change but first, let me explain why you received no notice.

Our previous website had been built on a platform that was so old that it was no longer being supported.  Although automatic updates to our old website were applied, it did not change the fact that we had an old underlying platform.  Numerous updates were automatically applied over the years that slowly corrupted our membership database.

Transferring the membership database from our old host to the new host revealed the corruption.  As many of you experienced, your name could be located in the member search but there were instances of another member’s contact information was listed under your name.

We closed down the website one weekend to correct that problem.  But to get the site back up and running as quickly as we could, we decided to set a single artificial renewal date for all members.  Business manager Paula Kingery is now going back through the membership rolls and resetting the expiration dates back to the original dates or close to them.  You will not lose your CWFI certification nor will you get cheated out of membership time if it normally expired during this transition.

You will receive a notification by email that you need to renew your membership and/or CWFI certification 30 days in advance.  The notices will have a link to the renewal page.

We want to thank all of our members for their patience as we move forward with the website and providing a superior product for you and the public.  If you have any unanswered questions about renewal, contact Paula.