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To make a Report of Suspected Fraud, please click on the Report Fraud tab at the top of this page. You will find the contact information you need to report the fraud there. Please note that while UCOWF is an organization of investigators we, as an organization, do not engage in the investigation or oversight of the complaints we receive. We can only pass them on or provide the portal with which to do so. Further, there are many situations where the information provided may not constitute fraud, but may effect a change in the case record, of which you would not be aware and which the agency, by law, cannot disclose to you. We appreciate your vigilance in reporting suspected fraud and abuse, as no matter what the outcome, it does put the agency administering programs and those receiving benefits on notice that they are being watched. Your support and interest ultimately contributes to increased program integrity.

The UCOWF Business office is open Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays and vacations. Please contact us via email.

Members who need assistance should contact Paula Kingery, Business Manager, at the contact number listed on the Member’s Home Page under the Business Manager Contact Information.