Is Your Membership Near or Past Renewal?

In the process of changing websites, no notices for January were sent out in December and none have been sent out for February.  This transition period to the new website has usurped much of my time.  In addition to the website redesign and launch, normal UCOWF business aside from membership notices had to continue.  While members are registering at this site, they are building the membership list (which replaces the Directory).  Some unpaid members have registered and will be allowed to use and evaluate the new site until the old site closes.  At that time, anyone who is past due or is not a prior member will be contacted to determine if they wish to apply/renew their membership.  At $25.00 for an annual membership, we think the benefits one gets from this site far exceed the price of membership.

Once the site is officially launched and the old site closed down, I will begin backtracking and contacting those whose memberships are due or past due.  So if you haven’t been notified, don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten you.

We are including a subscription module in this website that will actually display your membership status in the Member Profile and send out notices automatically.  After a certain period of time if no renewal has been made, your membership is automatically deactivated.  The automated membership renewal notification process is not only for those paying by credit card.  Every member will receive notices and if you or your organization pays by check, then you will still have to mail the check to the Business Office with a copy of the renewal notice (so that your payment is credited properly).

The subscription module will also allow credit card processing through the site and contains a ‘shopping cart’ component.

The shopping cart component is an upgrade over our past credit card processing feature.  The shopping cart will permit grouping purchases in a single transaction.  For example, if you wanted to renew your membership and pay for a CWFI Exam, at the old site it would require you to make two separate purchases with a credit card.  If you wanted to pay for more than one membership renewal or one conference fee, you had to either complete individual transactions or contact me and accomplish the transaction over the phone.  Not any more.

Once our new component is installed and tested, members will be able to make multiple purchases with a credit card in a single transaction.  Doing this is a precursor to opening a UCOWF store through this site that will market UCOWF-branded merchandise.  The UCOWF store will likely appear sometime in the summer of 2011.

For the immediate future, if you know your membership is due, you can still either pay through the old website or send in a check with a renewal form or you can wait until the end of this month when we contact you.  Once contacted, you will have a certain amount of time to make payment to keep your membership active.

We hope this process will improve efficiency and the integrity of our membership listing.  Thanks for being a member of UCOWF.