Searching for Members in the Member Listings

Finding a fellow UCOWF member has never been easier.  With the new Member Listings area, you can search by first name, last name, city or state/province.  The question has been asked several times, “How do I search for a member or contact without scrolling through pages of names?”


There is a search feature on the Member Listings page but admittedly, it is not instantly obvious.  Below is a screen shot of the Member Listing page.


Member Listings Page

To search for another member, you first must activate the search feature.  You do so by clicking on the words, Search Users (see image below).



Once you click on that link, a search panel will open up with four search parameters available: first name, last name, city, and state/province.  You DO NOT have to fill in all parameters – only one of them is necessary depending upon what you’re looking for.

Once you found an individual you wish to contact, click on his or her name to be taken the the member’s profile.  From the profile you may choose to send an email or you can find mailing and telephone contact information by clicking on the “Additional Information” tab on the member’s profile page.