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Dorothy Forney Award

Each year UCOWF presents the Dorothy Forney Memorial Award at the annual training conference. The Dorothy Forney Memorial Award is the highest honor conferred on an individual or organization by UCOWF.

Dorothy Forney was one of the founders of UCOWF and served as Executive Director until her death in 1983. She was a nationally recognized authority on entitlement programs and served on President Reagan’s transitional task force in the former U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Mrs. Forney was totally dedicated to UCOWF and its mission.

In her memory, the Dorothy Forney Memorial Award is given annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of fraud control. It is given to individuals or organizations whose actions have had a significant impact on the prevention, detection, prosecution or elimination of fraud and abuse in benefit programs.

Nominations (send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for an individual or organization for the Dorothy Forney Memorial Award must be received by February 15 each year.  They are reviewed annually by the UCOWF Awards Committee and the UCOWF Board of Directors approves the nominee at its Mid-Year Board Meeting. All nominations are confidential but the nominee selected by the UCOWF Awards Committee is notified of his or her selection.

(Please note: there is no specific form for the nomination. An email or letter attached to an email with the name(s) of who you wish to nominate and details as to why this person is deserving of the award should be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by February 15 of each year.)

Below is the list of prior Dorothy Forney Award winners.

1986 - David Swoap, Federal Government

1987 - Eugene Hall, Pennsylvania

1988 - Ellen Chestnutt, Colorado

1989 - Ronald C. Sheehan, California

1990 - FNS Employees, Federal Government

1991 - Linda McMahon, Federal Government

1992 - Billy G. Davis, Florida

1993 - Andrew Hornsby, Federal Government

1994 - Gordon S. Hardy, Texas

1995 - Martha G. Armstrong, South Dakota

1996 - Richard G. Finkelstein, New York

1997 - Dennis Micai, New Jersey

1998 - Charles L. Sharp, Arizona

1999 - Elaine M. Minkler, New Jersey

2000 - Chris M. Tolia, Florida

2001 - William A. Martin, Florida

2002 - Claude E. Hill, Texas

2003 - Sandra Smith, Virginia

2004 - Patricia Ann Ruffin, Arkansas

2005 - J. Allan Anderson, Minnesota

2006 - Luther Nicholes, Illinois

2007 - Sherri Compton, Oklahoma

2008 - Rich Nawrot, New York

2009 - Kathy Geiger, Maryland

2010 - Jack Heacock & Russ Fernandes, Florida

2011 - Paula Kingery, Iowa

2012 - Dennis Erickson, Illinois & Laura Adkins, Virginia

2013 - Maria Schollenberger, New York

2014 - Kathryn Dolan, Iowa

2015 - Nicolena Ferrentino, Florida

2016 - Michele Rossetti, Wyoming


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