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The Public Role of UCOWF

The United Council on Welfare Fraud is an organization whose primary goal is to strengthen the integrity of our public assistance programs.  We do that by providing our members with a variety of training and collaboration tools to improve their ability to identify, investigate, prosecute, and recoup fraud committed against the public assistance programs in […]

Professional Development

UCOWF prides itself on the advancement of its members and provides the following resources to assist them:   Annual Training Conferences Each year UCOWF sponsors an annual training conference for its members. These four day conferences are held throughout the United States in August, September or early October. The conferences provide training for investigators, prosecutors, […]

UCOWF Initiatives to Strengthen Program Integrity

UCOWF is committed to strengthening integrity in various public assistance programs that are fundamental to our social safety net.  These taxpayer-funded programs need everyone’s effort to preserve the precious dollars appropriated by the government to operate programs such as Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, commonly known as Food Stamps), Subsidized Childcare, Low-income and Subsidized […]

Member Search

Searching for Members in the Member Listings Finding a fellow UCOWF member has never been easier.  With the new Member Listings area, you can search by first name, last name, city or state/province.  The question has been asked several times, “How do I search for a member or contact without scrolling through pages of names?” […]